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Almost 40 years of experience in making padding and tubing products for ski areas and resorts has been our greatest pleasure and success here at Idaho Sewing for Sports. We have grown through the years with our clients who operate ski resorts from coast to coast in the US as well as in Canada and Worldwide.

Working together, exchanging ideas and continuously seeking to improve our products has benefited the industry that we serve, and has helped us to establish ourselves as specialists in the ski resort padding and cover products industry.

As times have changed so has Idaho Sewing. We have naturally expanded our reach to employ the padding needs of other industries and markets. We now custom manufacture Pole Vault Pits, High Jump Pits, Gymnasium Wall Padding and other school and athletic oriented sports that need quality padding.

We look forward to 40 more years of serving the people we call Family.    Thank you for choosing Idaho Sewing for Sports.

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